Warranty Term Welding Machine


Warranty Term Welding Machine

Warranty Term
Transformer Welding Machine


1) This welding machine is under warranty from the purchase date. The goods must be used correctly and warranted parts or components fail due to such defects in material and workmanship.
In order to ensure warranty service, the distributor/buyer must duly fill in two guarantee labels provided in each machine and stating the serial number of the machine itself. The distributor/buyer must keep one copy of the label, the other must be mailed back to the manufacturer.

2) The warranty involves warranted components which are proven defective at source or develop faults within the period of warranty after the examination by the Technical Assistance Service of the manufacturer. The changed parts are owned by the company under the warranty condition.

3) The warranty certificate must be presented without any modification during request of repair. Otherwise, the cost of repair will be charged.

4) The warranty covers both spare parts and determined labor costs for service by our technicians. It does not cover labor costs borne outside us. The manufacturer is not responsible of payments of any taxes, levies, transportation, customs clearance costs, expenses for troubleshooting, direct or indirect travelling costs, daily allowances or accommodation.

5) All responsibilities are refused for all direct and indirect damages to persons or things.

6) For overseas customer, please contact our Technical Assistance Service (Fax +6624209965) for any information as you clarify what incident happens. You will be given all necessary instruction how to do or which spare parts to use. If you need new spare parts, you must place a regular order to us and we will invoice them to you.
Later, when you send us back the faulty parts after replacement, you will invoice them to us and we will reimburse you accordingly. You are kindly asked to contact with our Sales Office each time before return shipment to agree on the return of goods. All return goods must be authorized by a written notice by the manufacturer. We will inforn you how to send it back to us and we will have it repaired at the manufacturer in or out of warranty according to above items 1-2-3-4-5.


*Warranty exceptions

1) The machine has been installed, maintained or operated otherwise than the instruction of manufacturer. Any unauthorized repair or modification has been carried out on the machine.
2) Defects caused by misuse, bad utilization, falling, tampering, carelessness, accident, natural disaster or animals and insects.
3) The machine is damaged from the electrical system such as over or under voltage, unbalanced phase, short circuit, incorrect input voltage, too long input cable, too small electric cable.
4) The warranty does not cover the external devices and any parts which deteriorate under normal use, such as power cords, electric cables, welding cable, earth clamp / welding torch, welding comsume, welding accessories, consumable parts and electronic parts that are aging according to their usage, such as magnetic contactor, relay, etc

4.1) The warranty in "Machine category" includes: High frequency unit, Wire Feeder unit, Front panel, Solenoid valve , Switch, Fan
5) Failure due to overloading or non-compliance with catalogue, operating and maintenance instructions.
6) Damage because instructed maintenance of the machine is ignored such as rust from the environment, etc.

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